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How to enable the 8 graphic cores on my processor

Question asked by crisfer03 on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by jargon

This might sound as a really dumb question but I'm new in this PC thing. I bought a Lenovo Ideapad (laptop) that comes with an AMD A12-9720p processor. It seduced me because it had 12 Cores!, 8 of them are graphic cores. I thought this laptop had a lot of graphic power so it should handle hard games and specialized software like AutoCAD right?. But, well, it didn't. AutoCAD 2019 runs really slow after a few lines and almost freezes when using 3D. I downloaded some games and this were the results:


-Fallout 3: an old game but runs on High quality, not Ultra. Some freezes on FPS

-Fortnite: Really sucks. Had to reduce in-game texture resolution and loses a lot of graphical stuff

-Dark Souls: Runs really slow

-Empire Earth 2: Freezes when too many units are on the map.


I mostly play old games but can't reach ultra Quality. I don't like to thing that the guy in the store lied to me saying that this PC could run any modern game perfectly. I thought of returning it to the store but I think i haven't properly enabled its full power. Am I right? Am I wrong?


Some other specs of the laptop:

-16GB of RAM

-Radeon R7 graphics card


tl;dr: My AMD A12-9720p works too slow. Not like the performance the store guy told me it had.


(Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes, not an english speaker)