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FX 8300 Memory recognition error

Question asked by alnnev on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by elstaci

My Settings:

Motherboard Asus M5A78L-M PLUS / USB3 (NEW)

AMD FX-8300 Processor (NEW)

4 x 4GB Corsair Value Select Memory (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9)



FX-6100 + Asus M5A97-R2.0 motherboard with no problem to use the 16GB resulting from the sum of the 4GB x 4 modules.

However, when I put the 4 modules in the FX-8300 + M5A78L set I get only 8GB.

Removing a module = 12GB

Removing two modules = 8GB

Removing three modules = 4GB

Returning with the four modules I get only 8GB.

P.S - Only once the system recognized the 16GB, but after powering up, it only reported 8GB.

At the time the memory controller was made by the motherboard, this did not happen often.

Is there any configuration in the BIOS or processor driver that allows adjusting, or is it a processor defect?