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What could be causing my r9 Fury X to drop voltage to 0.900v (from 1.250v)

Question asked by mrbluto on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by pokester

Hey all.  My Sapphire r9 Fury X suddenly began acting up.  My system will suddenly make a "new hardware connection" sound and all functions will seize up or slow to a crawl and is sometimes accompanied by screen flickers or black screens.  When this happens, I found that my system is detecting a phantom non-PIP display that doesn't actually exist.  Looking at the advanced display settings during this "phantom" display connection, an unspecified display is reportedly connected to a Display Port (though none are being used).  Running a hardware monitor, I also found that the GPU is dropping to 0.900v (down from the normal 1.250v) and the clock speed is dropping to 418hz (down from 1050hz).


-All other system hardware is keeping steady voltage, so I don't *believe* it to be the power supply.

-I have already re-seated the card, reset Windows 10, completely uninstalled the drivers (in safe mode) and reinstalled the newest stable drivers without any of the extra software.

-This problem occurs with either of my 2 monitors connected (each individually, or both simultaneously), and when using different connection cables.


Any idea why this could be happening?