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    R9 270X Driver 18.7.1 Problem


      Hello AMD, i have a problem with the Adrenalin Driver 18.7.1:


      I have a Gigabyte R9 270X and i use it with the VSR with a 2560*1440p resolution with the driver 18.5.1, but when i install the 18.7.1 version i cannot use that resolution or the screen goes black with horizontal lines in it and if looks like the screen crashed, and after a few seconds the PC restart. The max resolution that i can use with that version is 1920*1080, but i really prefer a 1440p resolution.


      That´s why i still using the 18.5.1 version, so if you can help me with this issue i would be glad.

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          There are many posts with the same issue. It affects many cards. We will have to wait for a new driver and hope for a fix...which should be soon.

          Please report this to AMD > Email Form

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            I have some issues too... have the same card.

            My OBS doesn't work, Fortnite crashes all the time... it's pretty bad!

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              This was the most relevant post on this forum I could find regarding this product and since I went from the major version of 17 to 18 I've had the issues. I've tried a lot of things on different forums but no luck. It appears the AMD site previous drivers option doesn't let me got back to 17. Tried making sure only graphics driver was installed and not any others such as AMD HDMI Audio Drive and so forth.


              I do know that using my HD 7750 that I have no problems other than low quality. I've received nothing in my error logs on windows nor did I install any updates other than AMD. Of course, I went ahead and ran all. The HD 7750 still operates without blurring out and buzzing noise coming from speakers. At this point asking if AMD has anyway to link back to the major version 17 driver to test further. I messed up and didn't have it stored on my machine.

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                I've tried everything other than another R9 270x card. Every attempt leads to it freaking out without an error logs. In my case, since it was 1 week past it's warranty, it decided to die although it had always had problems with updates that we muddled through. This time it decided that it couldn't take anymore. It was a good 4 years and glad that at least my HD7750 is able let me scoot along. Sorry R9 Series, never again.