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Adrenalin won't output motherboad's DVI signal with dual monitors setup

Question asked by jakkapat on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by pokester

So I built my own desktop earlier this year with this setup

  • Ryzen 5 2400G
  • Asus Prime B350M-A -- BIOS ver. 4014 (the latest one)
  • Corsair 2*4GB 3200 run @ 2666
  • I shared 128MB dedicated memory for VGA
  • Window 10 Home 64 bit


I have dual monitors setup -- BenQ SW2270 via motherboard's DVI, and Dell U2413 via motherboard's HDMI (HDMI to DVI cable -- monitor seems to have some sleep mode issue with its HDMI port). I don't play any game, only use for internet browsing and Photoshop. I currently run it on Crimson Relive 17.7, which...well... 'occasionally' bugs, like youtube video freeze, screen glitch , pulsing signal (monitor lost and regain signal every 3 sec. but cured after restart) or BSOD (Video Scheduler Internal Error), but nothing more than that. Just annoying.


So I tried install Adrenalin Edition 18.5.1 since it's newly released, but there a major issue; every time I tried install, when finished, no matter it was an express upgrade or clean install, the BenQ monitor which is connected via DVI port always never get any signal, I mean, Windows does recognized that there are two monitor (it kept extended monitor setup), but my monitor just show that it doesn't get signal and goes straight to sleep mode. Only if I physically disconnect HDMI cable, then it switch to single monitor setup and output DVI signal to the monitor. It works OK after rollback to ver. 17.7.


Before I post this question, I just tried install ver. 18.7.1, but it just exactly the same.


I did send a bug report months ago, but there's no reply, not even an automatic reply email. I don't know where to communicate to AMD other than this, so I hope AMD team would recognize this issue.