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I am experiencing a big glitch with my graphics card

Question asked by cdanielk17 on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by cdanielk17

Here lately I will launch Fortnite on my pc and get this message saying that my driver is not on the latest version and it may cause serious bugs. I ignored this at first (mostly because i didn't know how to go about updating my graphics card) until my game started freezing, my screen turned black, then the last sound that played plays over and over until I restart my pc. I came to the realization that this glitch probably has something to do with this graphics card so I downloaded the catalyst program and updated it. I still get the glitch and I think I might know why. When I launch Fortnite it says this now... It used to say Amdpic.PNGthe last version but now it says the same one is installed and there is no more new update available on the catalyst program. My computer also has been getting slower since this has happened. My computer is no longer available on the Alienware website I believe, so I will send a screenshot of my specs from the catalyst program. Let me know if you need more specs to provide me with an answer. Also I will be factory resetting my computer eventually so if the fix is really hard don't worry about it (if a factory reset will work). Thanks!