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    DVI works but HDMI does not


      Please help...



      I have an AMD Radeon HD5750 with the latest drivers. For 9 years it has served me great. It still works but...


      a few months ago i bought a new 4K TV and used it as second monitor via HDMI.


      Until power shortages hit my region.


      Is it possible that the HDMI on the graphic card is destroyed or malfunctioning but everything else works fine????



      I have tried and tested everything and I think I am an experienced user...


      The two DVIs work fine...Games too...


      the HDMI cables I use work fine, TV too. I have tested them with other appliances.


      Whenever I connect the monitor or Tv to the PC via HDMI it will not work. No signal it says...


      Available display output on VGA is the message in Display Properties...the TV is not detected. Nor in the Catalyst Center.


      And everything were working fine until now.



      Please help and thanks!

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          Unfortunately, it looks like the power surge has blown the HDMI port on the card.

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              Thanks very much for the answer.

              Is there anything I could do? Is it easy to purchase and replace the HDMI port or would I be risking losing the whole card? Or is there a chance of getting it fixed?

              I had TV and PC wired via HDMI and a digital receiver wired to the TV via HDMI. The receiver switches on but I get no signal with it...exactly same us the VGA.

              TV got fixed (thank god for the guarantee). It seems whatever was the cause it travelled via the HDMI cables...which continue to work fine. Ain't that crazy? I am a user afterall not a technician (that's why I am being a pain in the a**) and am searching for some extra technical info and is there anything I could do so I can avoid the same problem in the future?

              I already bought a DVI to HDMI cable so I can use the TV again as it was meant to...hopefully!!


              ..and thanks again!!

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                  The best way to protect your electronics is with a High Quality Surge Suppressor or UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).


                  But the outlet where the Surge Suppressor/UPS is connected MUST BE GROUNDED properly. Otherwise it won't work.


                  I installed a 1500 Watt Pure Sine Wave UPS on my computer and monitor and Internet Router. The UPS has both Surge Suppression outlets and regular outlet on the back. When the lights or power flickers or goes out, The UPS automatically places the computer in hibernation to use the least amount of power. Once power returns, My computer turns back on as though nothing had occurred. This has been a life saver because my Condo Complex has frequent power outages and brownouts. Since installing the UPS, I have never had my computer shut down and restart after the power flickered or went out in my apartment.


                  The UPS also prevent Overvoltages/Under Voltages from the house outlet which can damage sensitive electronics. It keeps a pure 120 volts output even if power from the outlet is from 88 vac to 130 vac.


                  If the HDMI Port in your GPU card is fried. You would need to repair the card or replace it.


                  Also I would suggest you get "Active" DVI-HDMI adapters. They work the best and are the most compatible with Televisions and monitors.


                  EDIT: My UPS is rated at 1500 VA (900 watts) with 10 outlets. Five is Surge Suppression only and the other Five is both Surge Suppression plus Battery backup. Needed to correct the above information.

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                      Thanks very much for all this info my friend...I will look for the UPS you write about...and the DVI to HDMI just got installed and works fine. I didn't understand the "Active" part.... a UPS will be strongly considered although it is very dificcult to have anything "properly grounded" in my house and my region in general...

                      the VGA works fine except the  HDMI port...as long as it works, my only loss will be the Receiver...but things could have been much much worse...

                      thanks a lot again for the help...

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                          The reason why the outlet needs to be properly grounded for a Surge Suppressor/ UPS to work is because when there is a large power surge, for whatever reasons, the Surge Suppressor/UPS has special electronic components that when it senses a large Power surge it shorts out directly to ground bypassing whatever is connected to the Surge Suppressor/UPS. Thus it diverts the large power surge away from the protected electronic gear connected straight to ground. Sometimes or most of the time the Surge Suppressor would need to be replaced after a large power surge since the special electronic component would have been permanently damaged. But I believe for minor power surges it would keep on protecting. Anyways, All Surge Suppressor would let you know if it needs replacing through a LED light and also let you know if your wall outlet is properly grounded by a LED light.


                          If there is no proper ground at the wall outlet, the power surge has nowhere to go except straight to your connected electronic gear.


                          This is the UPS I bought from Newegg in 2013. The UPS Backup batteries are still working great after 5 years. I bought this one because I have a very large Computer setup and monitor. But there are cheaper ones with less wattage.CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS 1500VA / 900W PFC compatible Pure sine wave - Newegg.com .


                          It comes with a USB cable and software to manage some of the features on the UPS. It is not cheap but worth every penny in my honest opinion. I have had many blackouts from a few seconds to hours and many brownout where I lost half my power to my apartment. My computer never shut down once during those times. Unless the Blackout was more than one hour than the batteries would be drained and the UPS would shut down my computer in a proper way before losing all power output from the UPS.


                          The cheapest way is just to buy a high quality Surge Suppressor otherwise if you have the money purchase a UPS. Need to be careful what type of Output the UPS supplies. I believe that some of the newer PSU doesn't work with certain UPS outputs. That is why I chose the more expense Pure Sine Wave output UPS which is acceptable to all PSUs.

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