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DVI works but HDMI does not

Question asked by alicho on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by alicho

Please help...



I have an AMD Radeon HD5750 with the latest drivers. For 9 years it has served me great. It still works but...


a few months ago i bought a new 4K TV and used it as second monitor via HDMI.


Until power shortages hit my region.


Is it possible that the HDMI on the graphic card is destroyed or malfunctioning but everything else works fine????



I have tried and tested everything and I think I am an experienced user...


The two DVIs work fine...Games too...


the HDMI cables I use work fine, TV too. I have tested them with other appliances.


Whenever I connect the monitor or Tv to the PC via HDMI it will not work. No signal it says...


Available display output on VGA is the message in Display Properties...the TV is not detected. Nor in the Catalyst Center.


And everything were working fine until now.



Please help and thanks!