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AMD Ryzen 2400G continuous snow effect

Question asked by rikijs on Jul 29, 2018
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I have recently bought Ryzen 2400G and I have stumbled upon a problem.

The screen is turning to colorized snow (as when there are no transmission on TV, but colorised).
It is happening every 5 seconds and then it resets to normal operation for 5 seconds. After another 5 seconts it just repeats in the loop.


What i tried: to install video drivers from Gigabyte support website and directly from AMD support.
The snow effect displays itself the same with older drivers from Gigabyte and with new from AMD.


What worked (sort of): I reset video driver to standard Microsoft driver and it is working properly.

But i imagine that nullifies APU vdieo performance in games and other applications.


I would like to run PC with correct video cards drivers to use video cards full power.


-- Gigabyte GA-AB350M-HD3 (1.x)

-- BIOS Ver: F23d
-- Ryzen 5 2400G

Operating System:
-- Windows 10 64-bit

-- Crucial Technology (8GB 1 module)


At the moment I am using somewhat old LCD screen: Samsung SyncMaster 940N.
As my monitor has only D-SUB VGA connection and mainboard has DVI-D i am using adapter cable.

This cable: DVI-D to VGA adapter cable, black (A-DVID-VGAF-01)
Yet, that may not be relevant as it is working with Microsoft's driver...

Will try with different monitor.