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Hardware detection changes from 17.x to 18.x

Question asked by maxwell on Jul 29, 2018
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Hello everyone,

As long as I have been building PCs for gaming, I was loyal to the AMD brand for the choice of GPUs, they were solid, robust and effective, however I am about to change my mind.

On my previous computer, I had a ATI Radeon HD7800, it worked well, a few crash/overheat issue over 6 years to finally die recently.


Trusting AMD, I didn't switch to Nvidia and bought a Radeon RX570.

Installed all drivers, seems to work fine.

Now here is the list of the games I can't play without having crashes (that I could play before with no problem on my previous GPU)

- ANNO 2205

- Raimbow Six Siege

- ME: Shadow of war



And the list goes on (haven't tried back all my games).

What kind of company "update" their product while creating more problem than previous generation one ?

Is there a solution planned for these problems ?

Is there a list of games which are not working on specific AMD GPU ? I wish I had this information availiable before my purchase...