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Driver Errors: PC crashes way too often

Question asked by minonkh on Jul 29, 2018

Hi, since over 10 years im using AMD, but... yeah u saw it on the headline, on overwatch, my pc just freeze without any error code or BSOD showing up.

This happens often in Overwatch when I  play competetive (lost over 500 point for that or more (it nearly crash everyday in or out a game)). I've got a Radeon R9 280X Overclocked graphics card, a AMD 8 series processor and a ASRock 970 Extreme Mainboard and 16GB of Ram i think these are the important parts, im gonna link the DxDiag Files and MSInfo evt, idk how much important data (like the MAC Adress etc., good for crackers if i post everything in here) are in there, all the drivers are up to date. I installed it new after 5 versions of the drivers had auepmaster issues



PS: AMD plz try to make drivers that dont have auepmaster probs x3