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      I purchased AMD R3 (60 gb) ssd 2 days ago. I tried to install windows, and all is okay. But next time i boot computer it was loading about 20 minutes. I restarted computer and after that SSD lost their serial number, etc. For example, in BIOS it is now AS00SSD, but not R3SL60G. In windows it shows as "not initialized", and when i try to init it nothing is happen. I tried to use recovery utilities in Linux (erase disk, and some other tools) but i usually got the same error: "input/output error"


      How can i get my SSD work again?

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          Where did you buy that SSD? Those units have been out of production for a -long- time, and brand new 120-128GB SSDs are only about $30. It appears to be a bad drive to me.