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    Can't download drivers on the AMD Website




      I want to download the necessary drivers for my new setup (Ryzen 2600X + Vega64) from the AMD page, but I cannot select anything in the drop-down menus. I have tried it with several browsers and PCs, but simply cannot select.


      Who has the same problem?

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          Please supply the following information: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION


          What Windows Version do you have installed?  MAKE & MODEL of Motherboard or Laptop?

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              Excuse me, but what does my motherboard have to do with downloading drivers from a website?


              Seems to be more of a problem on AMD's side if I can't make a selection in the drop-down menu with different PCs, smartphones and Surfaces.


              Meanwhile I was able to download the required drivers with the Surface (Browser: Vivaldi).


              Thread can be closed.

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                  Because the Drivers for the Ryzen depends on the CHIPSET and WINDOWS VERSION INSTALLED on the MOTHERBOARD, that is why.


                  plus it is REQUIRED  TO POST YOUR COMPUTER INFORMATION here at AMD FORUMS. Otherwise AMD Forums wouldn't have made it a Forum RULE!.


                  So you are not EXCUSED.


                  I could have easily copied the CHIPSET Drivers and posted it here on this thread. You then COULD HAVE DOWNLOADED directly from my post.

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                      I just wanted to know if someone has problems with the driver download or not and if necessary to inform AMD staff about the problem so that it can be fixed.


                      A simple "Yes, the download doesn't work for me either" or "No, I don't have any problems with the download" would have been enough as an answer without immediately referring to forum rules that only apply to hardware or software problems. But since I have neither a software nor a hardware problem, my system information is not needed at first.


                      But as I can see from your second post, you can probably download drivers. OK, that was the only info I needed.


                      Anyway, I have the drivers I need, even though the website still doesn't work on some of my devices.


                      @Mods, please close the thread

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                          This has been a problem for me on Mozilla Firefox browser for a long time now running on Windows 10/8.1/7 and Ubuntu/Fedora/Centos Linux.
                          This page: Download Drivers
                          All of the settings menus Step 1 through 4 seem to work.

                          Click on Step 5 display results and nothing happens.
                          The problem does not seem to be a function of any of the entries I set in steps 1-4

                          Running latest versions of the OS'es and Mozilla, and it is nothing to do with installing adblockers.

                          Google Chrome seems to work fine on Windows, not tested that on Linux.



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                              I switched browser to Firefox (Latest version) and went to the AMD Download page and was able to successfully download the Vega Drivers.


                              Chrome also works without any problems.


                              Sometimes it can be a regional problem. Something similar happened when I was able to download any driver except a specific laptop drivers. I kept getting an error message. Eventually, I tried again after a couple of days and was able to successfully download the same drivers I was having trouble with.


                              It looks like a glitch occurs at the server that affects certain amount of people. But eventually it gets fixed, especially if several Users start complaining about the same problem.


                              In the past, I was able to help Users having download problems by copying the Driver here in the thread. Then the User can just click on the download and they are able to download the driver. But to do that, I need to have all the information of the computer to correctly pick the right driver.