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    cant install legacy graphics driver windows 7


      hp pavilion g6 with a6-3420m, dual graphics radeon 6520g and 7420m or similar, but i think its not matter here, just this is outdated so its need legacy drivers


      tried a lot of things in win10 but decided to give up and try in win7, still dont work

      i updated windows, its says up to date, it done more than 200 updates

      i done a driver delete too with ddu to retry, still not working


      thanks for help

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          This is the correct Laptop Graphics/APU Driver : Legacy . It would be best to use  HP Support Laptop Graphics/APU drivers first before trying to install AMD Generic Laptop drivers to see if it works correctly.


          From AMD Forums on how to update your Laptop Graphics: Laptop graphics update...How to


          And how to configure your Laptop: Laptop graphics update...How to


          This looks like the HP Laptop model you have to download Drivers from HP Support: HP Pavilion g6-1d48dx Notebook PC - Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

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              yes i downloaded that legacy driver you linked, tried both, none of them worked

              the next 2 links are similar tutorials i know how to do... i done like 20 driver installation and delete in the last few days...


              about the the last link: my model is g6-1313sh, so i can find that site: HP Pavilion g6-1313sh Notebook PC - Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support


              so you are saying to download drivers from that site? I will give this a try and update what happened.


              Or when you wrote "hp support" means that app that comes with the laptop? Because i deleted all the hp apps, they all looked useless, one of them updated something but it was not graphics driver for sure... they felt like just slowing down the laptop (i let one hp app to update 4 thing but the graphics driver didnt work)

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                  Yes, try installing the Graphics drivers from HP Support (HP WEBSITE WITH DRIVER DOWNLOAD) first and see if the problems comes back for Windows 7.


                  But you still haven't mentioned WHAT ERRORS you are getting? The errors may point you in the direction on how to fix the problems.


                  In Device Manager, is there any Yellow Exclamation marks or error codes in the Display Adapter Driver of your GPU Card?


                  It is possible that one of the HP Apps that you deleted the Laptop needs to run correctly. just guessing though.


                  Is it possible to restore your Laptop to the way you got it from the factory using a HP Recovery Disc.?  This will reinstall everything back again on the laptop and leave it the same way when you bought it. 

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                  tried to install the driver from support site and not legacy


                  got same error, like i didnt install anything

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                      What exactly are the ERRORS that you are getting when trying to install the Graphics Driver or any ERRORS during or after installation?

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                          i copy this from the internet but i remember i get this:


                          No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware.


                          (and for the reinstall from disc: i dont have disci have it in the laptop recovery, i done it, thats why i am on win7, everything is back like i just buy it, and all those hp applications were useless, only helping those who dont know much about computers) !

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                              Have you been running your laptop on low battery power or with no battery recently?

                              Sometimes if laptop battery power dies during power up it can cause Discrete GPU driver  problem and the discrete GPU gets disabled at boot up.

                              Just had similar problem to what you describe on an Asus G751JL Laptop with a discrete Nvidia GTX 965M GPU.

                              The laptop booted up on low battery, Discrete GPU  displayed during boot up, display corrupted with small checkerboard patterns, battery low level caused power down.

                              When I rebooted the Laptop the display was black screened iniitially and then the Intel iGPU took over the basic display functions.

                              When interrogated the Nvidia GPU I saw similar error reported, except my  error message was as follows: No Nvidia graphics driver is installed ... etc.


                              Please go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Display Adapters and post the screenshot of  what it shows for the GPU's on your laptop.

                              Click on properties for each GPU and see what they say.

                              The devices may be disabled, if so try enabling them. - This immediately fixed the pronlem for me, I have tested the Nvidia 965m GPU onn nthe laptop for hours now and it is working fine.

                              Failing that, please  try to roll back the driver to previous version.



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                        Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

                        ** Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 must be fully updated before attempting to install any AMD driver. All 'critical', 'recommended', and 'optional' (no language packs,etc) updates as well as any Service Packs (SP) must be installed before any attempt to install graphics drivers. If you do not get this message .... keep installing until you do:


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