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RX 580 crashing - Benchmark question

Question asked by eculuke on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by pokester

I bought a used PC from a guy with an RX580 GPU soley to run oculus rift.  Its pretty much crashing when any game gets detailed on the graphics. I thought it was HDMI or USB related but now Im wondering if its the GPU. I decided to run a bench mark on the GPU. It gives me options for "performance, VR, gaming". And then sub options. I tried VR minimum and with in 30-50 seconds it crashes. SO i backed it down to performance 720 low and that is the only test I can get to complete. If I switch to 1080 medium it starts to pixelate 40 seconds in and crashes. This is the 580 with 4gig. Should this card be able to benchmark at 1080 or even 4k. It seems to be OK temp sub 65c when it crashes but the utilization is pinned out at 100%. Any tips would be great.