Laptop freezes during driver installation

Discussion created by mr_efe on Jul 26, 2018
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Hi everyone,


So, recently I had an issue with my AMD graphics card. Everything was fine last week when I tried to play a videogame. When I opened it the computer froze and when I restarted it I can only get to the samsung screen (I have a Serie 7 Chronos, NP770Z5E, graphics: AMD HD8870M) and the the screen goes black and it freezes again.

I had to start windows on safe mode to uninstall the AMD drivers but when I try to install them again it always freezes in the middle of the process.

I've tried everything thing that I've read online. I've used DDU, AMD unistall utlility, every single process that I've found on the internet but nothing solves it. I read something about the "EnableUPLS" registry key thing that might help, but I could not fine it on my registry.

I even install windows again and the same thing happened. I also tried with different drivers that I already had before and it´s always the same.


I don't know if anyone knows something or if it's possible that my GPU just fail like for ever.

I still can use my laptop with the intel graphics with no trouble, but I want to know if there's a solution for this issue.


Thanks a lot !!