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    Laptop Doesn't use RX 560


      I just got a Dell Inspiron 15 5576 and when I try to use the GPU after setting my programs to high performance it does nothing noticeable it runs as if I was playing a game with the R5 Graphics. I had a problem with it a few days ago installing the newer drivers and I fixed it by updating my Bios from the Dell website but even though that's fixed I have a problem running games with my graphics card even though the game in AMD Radeon settings is set to use my Radeon GPU and is in high performance mode so I don't know what's going on. I don't even get performance close to an RX 460. I'm attempting to play NBA 2K17, it's going well but I lowered all the settings and the resolution and I am barely hitting 60 FPS in games.


      GPU: Radeon RX 560

      OS: Windows 10

      Driver Version: Adrenalin 18.5.1

      Display Devices: Built-in Monitor, 1920x1080 48Hz or 60Hz

      Motherboard: Dell Inc.

      Bios Version: Dell Inc. 1.0.7

      CPU/APU: AMD A10 FX 9630P

      PSU: Dell DA130PE1-00 130W
      RAM: 8 GB DDR4