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      My first build using parts I wanted without most of the corner cutting. Gaming at 100 fps plus at 3440 x1440 and Oculus Rift with ease.






      CPUThreadripper 1900
      CoolerEnermax Liqtech TR4 240
      MotherboardMSI X399 Pro Carbon
      Memory32 Corsair Vengeance RGB 3000
      GraphicsRX Vega 64 Liquid
      Disc Drive 1Plextor M.2 M8Pe 512gb
      Disc Drive 2Adata M.2
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUCorsair 850
      CaseThermaltake View 27 Snow
      MonitorPixio PX347c


      Message was edited by: Joseph Babcock I have my Vega 64, I've waited on the pricing which happened on 12/26/18, Newegg priced at $499.99, 250 less than 12/25/18. I started this build to show case my Vega 64 Liquid for the performance and the look. I like it. Thanks for all your comments.

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          very clean build  and the case looks neat

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              Thanks. I've built many computers over the years, but I finally built "Mine" unrestrained. The kids are gone. I do not do lots of gaming other than VR so I did overkill, but I wanted understated WOW appeal. My wife doesn't understand. I prefer AMD and am still waiting for Vega 64 Liquid to become reasonable.

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                  That case is very nice.

                  I thought Vega 64 Liquids are EOL. Are you looking for a second hand one?
                  If you do get one are you going to sell your R9 Fury X or were you thinking about running them in DX12 MultiGPU for 4K Gaming?
                  Unfortunately you can't Crossfire them.

                  I run an R9 Fury X and an R9 Nano together and I can run Battlefield 1 at  4K Ultra with DX12 MultiGPU and set FRTC = 59FPS to avoid screen tearing with FreeSync on.


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                      Thanks for the reply.

                      I used this case just for the look with a vertical GPU.

                      I've watched Intel over the years and have never been impressed with some of their business practices. AMD has always been more end user friendly.

                      From the beginning, I wanted to build top of the line, with an eye towards vr. Knowing my goal, I did go with a 1900x. I still want the Vega 64 Liquid because it does the resolutions I need and looks better in silver and the red logo mounted vertically. The liquid is to allow the gpu to look good without fans against the case window.

                      This case looks great, but is not great for cooling.

                      The build is doing everything I want it to do quite well, I'm just waiting to complete what I started.

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                  That case

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                    Nice build. I'm curious about your fan bracket. Is that something that came with the case, cooler or is it something you acquired separately? What keeps it from short circuiting something on the motherboard? Also, does it help cool the CPU block or is it just for the RAM/VRM?

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                        That bracket came with the motherboard. The stands screw into motherboard mount holes. the cross shaft is slotted so the stands can be mounted along the edge as mine is or horizonal across board center mounts. One concern before I purchased the MSI board was some reviews mentioned no VRM cooling other than heat sinks unlike other manufacturers. I have the CPU radiator fans pulling air in through the top 2/3 of the case front and the lowest fan just blowing in. The Fury radiator is blowing in which had the ram temps vary by 20 C. That fan pretty well equalized the temps, probably helping the VRD also. Since the pictures were taken, I reversed the Fury radiator fan to blow out which means air flowing in the front is flowing out the back now. I did add a fan in the card slots blowing in below the GPU fan. With that fan removed with the brackets the case temp run at about 35/40 degrees with the Fury only getting to 50/55 while in VR. I also found it curious when I first opened the motherboard box because I had never heard of or seen one. As stated earlier the case is not a great cooling case, but I knew I wasn't going to be pushing the limits, so the LOOK won me over.