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Do others have trouble running Fallout 4 on 295x2 with 18.7 drivers?

Question asked by rhall on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by pokester

Hey Folks,

I've been using my r295x2 for a couple of years now and it has always been prone to misbehaving. It seems that different driver versions tend to work for different games, and changing drivers if I want to play either of Fallout 4 (early-middle 16.x works here) or Battlefield 1 (~17.x works) was workable until I decided to try the new 18.5 drivers. The new drivers (and the most recent 18.7 drivers) cause blue screens in both games, and it seems something has made it impossible for me to install later video drivers. I usually use the clean uninstall utility to clean in between reinstalls.


When I go to install drivers before 18.x, the installer no longer gives the option to install the video card driver, only the HDMI audio driver and the AMD installer. In safe mode is says something like "Detection driver error, Contact AMD" when I try to install.


I'm running windows 7, i7 5930K, R9 295x2, 12Gb RAM


Here are my questions:

1. Do others have trouble with this?

2. Is there someway besides a clean install of windows to could fix my situation?