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AMD HD 6570 Video Feed Error/Crash

Question asked by shyonz on Jul 24, 2018

Hi, i've been having this problem for quite a while and i don't know what could be the problem

i have some light games like clickers to more heavy games like dying light, and for some random reason when i run the games they just just froze in the menu and then the video lost conection and right after it's back again but when the video back up the game (in most of the times at least) crashes


Notes: isn't bad contact, and i have the latest driver installed



Processor: Intel Core I7 7700

Ram: 16Gb

OS: Windows 10 (x64)

DirectX: 12
Motherboard: PCWARE IPMH110G (btw this thing was made in brazil so this can be the reason for the problem)



Sorry for any english error