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All drivers after 18.3.3 cause Fortnite to Crash (RX 580)

Question asked by jcemeier on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by dcoletti

The crash behaviour seems to depend on the drivers used.


18.4.1 -> 18.6.1 (inclusive) result in a GPU reset (both monitors die, system recovers to a 'Unreal process has stopped working" dialogue).


18.7.1 causes a silent crash where the application simply closes with no error message and no driver reset.


These crashes occur reliably within half an hour of play in the actual game-world (not the menus!!!).


18.3.3 has occasional crashes (in the first variety - gpu reset and monitor losing signal before recovery) but much less often than later drivers. They can be eliminated entirely **but only in 18.3.3** by disabling TDR detection in the Windows Registry. Doing this in later driver versions reduces but DOES NOT eliminate the crashing.


DxDiag attached for reference, though everything is fine here