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    ryzen 5 2400g


      hello I have problems with a game (neverwinter) that crash often, and I send a request for help to the developer of his game, he told me that it is my processor ryzen 5 2400 g and that the radeon vega graphic integrated to it that is in conflict with my nvidia gtx 1050 ti graphics card, and it is advisable to disable the radeon vega graphic or contatcter you, as I do not have a control panel for the radeon graphic is for his that I allow myself to contact you, so do you have a solution for me please

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          hammerdeath57, we, at least I, am not AMD.  This is mostly a user forum.  To talk directly to AMD please go to their web site and open a Online Service Request.  Now if you would like to have people here try to help, please post all your system specifications.  I am not familiar with your processor, but I think there are controls in the BIOS for the integrated graphics.  Please look in folder at "C:\Windows\Minidump" and if there are any files in it, compress it and attach it to your thread.  Enjoy, John.