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Windows 10 / Clustered Multi Threading ( Fam15h ) support

Question asked by 3oddbits on Jul 23, 2018
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Is Microsoft removing Clustered Multi Threading ( CMT / Fam15h ) support from Windows 10?


---- The reason that I am asking :

My Windows 10 x64 install began experiencing random "hard kernel locks" when Win32 threading was invoked by any application.

Interval was between 2 to 10 minutes. This occurred after the Win 10 v1083 update.


Some games have a "bug report / bug info dump" function. These all reported threading errors ( when not locking up the computer ).


The Linux versions of the game(s) tested, running on the same hardware, had / has NO PROBLEMS.

I am using Gentoo Linux with the latest Fam15h microcode update built into the kernel ( kernel v4.14.57 )

Using the AMDGPU Open Source video driver for X Windows, with the latest Polaris 10 microcode blobs built in.


Hardware :

AMD FX-9590 ( running at 4.7Ghz )

Asrock 990FX Extreme6 MB ( firmware v1.40 )

Micron DDR3-2133 Non-ECC Memory ( 32Gg. )

AMD RX-480 ( 8Gg. )


Driver from AMD used in Windows : 18.6.1 ( Video && Chipset, for Windows 10 x64 )