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Changed gpu thermal paste but temperature still the same

Question asked by ajmalhadi97 on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by frostygrin


r9 270x sapphire dual x


Before I changed the gpu thermal paste, the idle temp is around 38C. After I changed the thermal paste, the idle gpu temp drops around 2-3C, but, it only lasted around around 1 day before the temps return as before I changed the thermal paste. I don't think I did anything wrong though. I did use hairdryer to loosen up the old thermal paste. And for the thermal paste, I use cm extreme fusion X1 which is quite viscous. For that, I place the syringe in a plastic bag and dip it into a warm water to make it less viscous(the plastic bag is sealed and no water leakage). Does doing that affect the thermal compound quality or some sort like that? And I have the picture of of my thermal paste application (I use paint app though cause i didnt take any pict after i apply the paste) and I didnt spread the paste. And do I have to redo it again?