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Could bad programing in a game cause my RX480 to draw too much power and hard crash (reboot) my computer?

Question asked by ebojager on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by ebojager

So Ive been playing StarCitizen with my i7-6700 16GB DDR4 / XFX RX480 8GB for quite some time now with out issues. Im running the card at 1420/2100mhz on Auto with a +10 - +15% power setting. Ive run this overclock even at 2560x1440 along time and never had any issues on other games such as Elite Dangerous, Surviving Mars, iRacing, DCS World, HomeWorld Remastered, etc. and even in StarCitizen. The only issue that has been a thing with StarCitizen has been the tessellation setting which I had to force off in the driver as when I approached certain planet surfaces the PC would crash/reboot. Leaving the overclock in place and forcing the tessellation off stopped this problem. Now I purchased a new ship in the game, much bigger and more complex than anything else Ive had and when I approach the back of the ship the PC crashes, even at +5% power limit. If I drop it down to 0, it wont crash, but Im wondering why only in this specific instance am I having reboots? Iv had the game push my system much harder in other areas of the game, but this crash happens even in offline hangar modem where there really isn't allot of other activity.

Thank you very much for any insight.