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Can't install OS

Question asked by mshorter on Jul 21, 2018
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I recently bought some some new parts to upgrade my computer.  The case, power supply and graphics card are old and proven to work.  The motherboard, CPU and memory are new.  The hard drive is also new, but I've tried with 2 new SSDs as well as booting off a old hard drive with Windows on it with no luck.  So I've narrowed it down to the motherboard, processor or RAM.  I'm able to get in the Bios, and start a Windows install.  I will get a loading files screen followed by the Windows logo and spinning dots.  After about 5 minutes I tend to get a BSOD with a "Driver PNP Watchdog" error.  I've also gotten a "0xc00000e9 An unexpected I/O error has occurred" error as well as errors telling me that it can't find the boot device (I haven't touched the boot device and a restart will fix that).  I've also tried installing Puppy Linux which seemed to freeze after the line ""End Kernel Panic - not syncing: timer doesn't work through Interrupt-remapped IO-APIC".


I tried removing each of the memory sticks as well as swapping their slots and still got the same errors.  I also ran Memtest+86 on each stick for about 12 hours and got through 11 passes on each with no errors making me believe it is not the memory and so either the motherboard or processor.  I have been trying to work with the motherboard manufacture as well.  They suggested downgrading the Bios to see if that would help.  I was able to sucessfully downgrade the Bios, but am still getting the same issues.  I'd also like to note that it does take about 60 seconds to get past the initial Bios screen (the press F2 to enter Bios screen) and even try to boot.  It also takes a while to get into the Bios if I choose to do that.  I've tried this both with a Yumi multiboot flash drive as well as running the official MS Windows install tool to load the drive.  I've also used an SD card in a USB adapter so it shouldn't be the flash drive either.



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