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2 ssd NVME in Raid 0 slow

Question asked by golia20 on Jul 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by daethan

hi, I recently mounted an aorus x470 gaming 7 with a cpu rayzen 7 2700x with 2 ssd nvme in raid 0 (samsung 970evo). but when I create the raid 0 and then install windows 10 (driver for detecting the raid to be immed when installing windows), I do a performance test with samsung magican and me from 74.218 in random reading (IOPS), and 59.326 in random writing (IOPS), while I use only one without UEFI and without Raid 0 le performance is noticeably higher, in addition to this you notice the startup speed .. a ssd 850 pro in sata beats me in boot .. it seems absurd, I can think of both the driver given by amd for RAID ..


Any solution?

Thanks in advance