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AMD drivers installation are SO frustrating

Question asked by xvinif on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by kingfish

RX 560


I am not able to completly install drivers. It's always a different error.


I tried so many different things by now trying to solve this. I already lost so many hours of my life trying to make a GPU work properly.


Clean install of windows, formatting my PC, clean boot, secure boot, creating super admin acc, uninstalling all drivers... etc


I'm actually sad. I regret buying this SO BAD.


My games run at extremely low FPS, my PC freezes... ETC


There are people in this community saying I should update my motherboard BIOS... It's okay... I mean... I just did'nt know I had to be a PC wizard to simply update a driver.


I'm just writing this because I gave up.


I'm sorry for everyone that like me, thought that buying this would be a good idea