rx480 overheating

Discussion created by pebzi on Jul 21, 2018
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so now over the past 2 months my gpu has been overheating for no apparent reason, ive had it since 2016 mid august, its a  XFX Radeon RX 480 black OC edition.

ive been able to run heavy games with ease on it in the past like doom, and warframe at max settings with massive amounts of particles and explosions with few to no hiccups in the fps. and ive been playing guild wars 2 since early december again as i returned to it after a short break, everything on max as usual no problems until may 14th, for no reason whatsoever my gpu has gone from a stable 65-74 ish to topping  high 80s- and even 90s before it literally force crashes everything running. and now even with dropping all settings on gw2 that isnt even a heavy gpu game down to low and medium im still hitting 80s and above with my fan speed at over 80%. the card is just as it was out of the box, never touched overclocking or anything as i dont want to literally fry anything by accident. heres a few sc's from my gpu-z monitor and speed fan, running in idle in a main menu of gw2 that does not require any real amount of gpu usage.


Im really frustrated as i literally cant play in any form of heavy populated areas or particle spammy areas such as world vs world pvp, raids and open world bosses and zergs, i would love to get any kind of help as to what to do.

Thank you in advance for any help provided


overheat 2.PNG