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    AMD 15DD Graphics / Radeon RX 580 / AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radion Vega Graphics


      This is what's on my computer and could be the reason I'm not able to update using the Catalyst:


      • AMD 15DD Graphics
      • Radeon RX 580
      • AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radion Vega Graphics

      I sent word to HP & AMD about this and have yet to hear back. Even with the use of the AMD installer I keep getting the 1603 error and yes I've went to the site which explains what one should to to correct this, but nothing is working. However, should I be worried?.. Well the game is playing better than expected even though upon entry, I get the "update your drivers" error message.


      Last bit of info.. I'm unable to work past the WIN10 1803 update so could this be contributing to this issue on not being able to update my drivers?.

      What happen to the good ole days of being able to log into the FTP server, download the files and manually install them yourself. We now have to use something called a catalyst to install stuff, I just need the RX 580 drivers without the catalyst is this possible?

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          Here's the lastest:


          Got an email for someone over at AMD to address my issue of drivers not updating correctly. Here's the quoted email:


          Dear Customer,


          Thanks for the email.

          I understand that you are experiencing an error 1603 issue while updating the display driver for your RX580 graphics card

          This error could be triggered due to multiple reasons, the common cause of this is when the windows Installer attempts to install an app that is already installed on your PC.

          Please try performing the following troubleshooting steps to install the driver:                                                    


          • If your Documents folder or any of the other ones(Pictures, Music, Videos, etc.) are pointed to a network drive, reset all those back to default. You can do this by right clicking on it – Reset to defaults.Example – Right click on My Pictures – Properties – Reset to defaults.
          • Please open Control Panel and click on Apps/Programs and features. Search for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (Both x64 and X86).Uninstall them. Reboot the computer and then follow the below steps to install the latest drivers.
          • Again,perform clean uninstallation of the drivers using DDU Utility (Display Driver Uninstaller) by launching it in Safe mode. It will help you completely uninstall AMD graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind.
          • Once the drivers are uninstalled, install all the critical and recommended updates from Windows.
          • Download and install the latest 18.7.1 driver provided in the link: Only for Window s10 and Windows 7 OS




          If the issue persists, to narrow down this issue please try installing the 18.2.1 driver provided here. Again, please use the DDU tool to remove the older driver files first.

          Please perform theabove steps to install the driver

          Thanks for contacting AMD

          Best regards,


          AMD Global Customer Care

          The results, Failed again. Even after following the above suggest to the letter.

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              After near one month since purchasing this computer with a number of failed attempts at updating the video drivers, sound drivers as well as the dreaded WIN10 1803. I was able to finally successfully update my video & sound drivers without the support of AMD. Although I had been in contact with an AMD tech rep, he didn't offer me a plausible solution or excuse to my issue or their issue as the case maybe.


              It seems the issue wasn't how I was attempting to update the drivers using the AMD's catalyst. Attempt after failed attempt I simply gave up. Until just moments ago. I entered the device manager, located the video card and clicked "update driver" selecting "have Disk" i located the AMD driver fold within their catalyst settings. BAM I now have updated drivers. I can't say the same for WIN10 1803..

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              Hey, Amplighter can you help me out m8? When you said you fixed it you said you located the "AMD driver fold within their catalyst settings" can you tell me where I can find it?