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    2600x + rog strix-f x470 running very hot during stress test


      My 2600x is running at 95 degrees Celcius and sometimes jumps to 100 degrees or more in HWiNFO when running the Aida64 stress test. However, putting my hand to the exhaust fan on the back of the case, the air is actually cold. Even when running up to 100 degrees the processor does not throttle and with XFR enabled stays at 3.8 GHz. I believe something is either wrong with the sensor or the way I have mounted my system, as most reports say that the 2600x under the stock cooler can last at around 80 degrees Celcius, as shown here: https://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/cpu_mainboard/amd_ryzen_5_2600x_and_ryzen_7_2700x_review/17 . What could be wrong?

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          heasummn, I have seen suspicious numbers coming from HWiNFO.  Perhaps it has not completely caught up with the new processors.  I suggest you use Prime95 to stress test and AIDA64 to report the temperature.  You can also use the On Screen Display (OSD, File-Preferences) to show temperatures and other quantities at all times or just Computer-Sensors.  I trust AIDA64.  The maximum for the 2600X is 95C.  Let us know what you learn.  Enjoy, John.