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Displayport Issues with RX580

Question asked by doofus88 on Jul 19, 2018
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Here's what I'm working with:


XFX - AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS Black Edition 8GB

ViewSonic XG2701 144hz monitor

Ryzen 2700x CPU


Yesterday I just bought the ViewSonic monitor listed above and attached it to my RX580 via display port (with the cable given with the monitor). While testing my new monitor playing Quake Champions with Freesync enabled I kept having issues with the monitor cutting to black intermittently after playing for about 3 minutes and sometimes it'd get progressively worse if I played through the black screens. It wouldn't cut to black during non-gameplay in the menus or if I was going through HDMI. I initially thought it was the cable, but after trying all Display ports, I found that the 3rd one has no cutting to black screen while running several different games. After all these issues with my new monitor setup (I had none before, my previous setup was a 1080p monitor via HDMI and a old 19" LCD via displayport to VGA), I remembered when I tried updating the graphics drivers from 18.6.1 to 18.7.1 my RX580 fans were running high/loud after reboots. I then experienced mouse cursor stuttering and reverted back to 18.6.1 because it obviously seemed like the update was the issue. During my troubleshooting for my current problem I've noticed that the mouse stutter would only happen when a monitor is hooked up via display port in 18.7.1.


So I have a few questions regarding my issue:


1. Is it possible for 2 out of 3 display ports to have the same issue, but the 3rd be fine?

2. Is having louder fans upon reboot a normal occurrence when updating graphic drivers?

3. I've contacted XFX and have not heard back from them yet, but should I wait to hear from them or do a card swap at my local Best Buy?


I rather not go through the trouble with swapping if it's a known issue or something I can fix easily.


I appreciate any and all help!