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GPU L2 cache size of A10-7870K APU

Question asked by magnolia on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by dipak

Hi. I'm a student studying the architecture and characteristics of GPU caches.


I have A10-7870K desktop APU for my testing platform. I want to know the L2 cache size of the APU for my GPU L2 cache flush experiment.

I found that "clinfo" does not show the GPU L2 cache size.

I found the GPU L2 cache size of A10-7850K APU is 512KB. ( What is the Size of GPU L2 cache for A10-7850k APU?)

Other documents and web sites about GCN architecture and A10-7870K seem to have no information about the exact GPU L2 cache size of the A10-7870K model.

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A10-7870K with Radeon™ R7 Series  )

I wonder where to find that kind of information...


I'd greatly appreciate it if anybody could help me!