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    How To Ryzen Boost ?


      Hi to all staffs and users.


      i had recenty bought a ryzen 5 2400g and on the box wrote Base : 3.7 And Boost 3.9 and its my first experice from AMD because i before had Intel Cpus .
      And I make fully usage by furmark or other app but cpus freqance does not up to 3.9 and its 3.7 at maximum work.


      I just find two ways but i do not thinks its a boost and its overclocking base frequancy.


      What were that two ways :


      1.Turning on game boost mode on bios
      2.overclocking frequancy easily by Ryzen master                    =  these 2 ways just overclocking base frequncy and cpu always works on high frequancy and where is this boost mode ?  Should i have back to intel 8gen ?