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Vega M GH display synchronization.

Question asked by aster on Jul 18, 2018

Hello everyone!
First post so be nice


I am long time Green team user but i recently switched sides and i am currently on the lookout for some gear. Finally i found it in the face of the Blue and Red Team collaboration and their child - the Hades Canyon NUC nuc8i7hvk.


So my question is as follows.
The GPU being Vega does it synchronize its displays? i am not talking about S400 type of synchronization but single card outputs on a single machine.
I do realize it is not a professional grade card but AMD has always given us more than the green team. So i am trying to see what my options are. 


As someone will probably ask why i need this ... I am a vidiot ("Visual Artist") of sort and i am creating my first exhibition on a large seamless display. Sadly all my tests with the green team products has failed and truth is ... this is probably the only 6 screen option that i can fit in my wallet as it is all self funded.


Thanks in advance to everyone with input!