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    gigabyte rx 480 8gb oc error,crash


      Ok. So it's been over 1 year since i built this pc and my RX 480 gigabyte 8gb is still making fun of me. It's not a cheap video card. It's not that cheap in order to be able to work less than 5 minutes in EVERY SINGLE GAME. Crashing without any error ( excepting the wattman default settings)









      What i tried so far :



      changed settings in wattman - fan speed, power limit, frequency



      Used MSI afterburner to change the settings( 0 effect so i deleted it)



      I reinstallet like 20-25 times the drivers ( not joking, it's been 1 year ). no driver package has been able to solve my problem









      Sometimes setting up the power limit up to 50% and incresing the fan speed gave me some extra minutes of gameplay, crashing in the end anyway though.






      I searched all over the internet for a solution to this problem which many AMD RX 480 users encountered. I really do appreciate if someone can help me with this problem, thanks !

      this is only two error,in fortnite and fifa 18


      my pc:

      cpu:intel pentium g4560

      gpu:gigabyte rx 480 8gb


      motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H

      PSU:be quiet sb8 550w

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          You definitely want to leave that power limit positively maxed at 50. Now what happens at times even though it is supposed to be in spec is the card starts throttling do to heat. I set my temperature slide max at 65 and the min all the way down to the bottom. This keeps the card much cooler and I have zero issues with this on my RX 580.


          I do also disable all the Windows 10 gaming and DVR functions. I also have my performance setting on HIGH PERFORMANCE not balanced. In addition I disable Hibernation and Fast Startup. I find that all these changes help stability greatly and I rarely have an issue. Before these changes was a constant nightmare of crashes.


          There will always be games that no matter the tweak will not work. But if you do these things and it does still crash. Start changing settings up and down on and off individually in a game. Often it may be one setting causing the issues. Do also report these specific issues to AMD with a bug report. The link is in Radeon Settings or on the driver download page in orange to the right.


          If none of that helps then I would start suspecting hardware. Most likely culprits are power supply, memory and the card itself. I would say that more often than not that when it is hardware issue the power supply is the issue.


          Hope this helps.

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            Old info but still relevant > AMD graphics performance

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