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I am trying to find out about amd hardware not software gpu want to buy soon I have a very slow internet connection so I do not want anything slowing my connection can someone suggest a link

Question asked by hiallmynameiscg on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by fsadough

I just want a link to the specs and stuff and if it works good in vmware fussion I may later get workstation but do not want virtualbox, I do not want something programmed in java.

I do not want something that has to dial home, I can't have my bandwidth taken up by somethinglike that when I can access the internet, we have frequent dropouts so I would like to have something that can be run offline as we tend to be often without internet access and before I spend a large amount of money I want to make sure that it is truely fast not only in speed but I also live out in a not so great rual area that dosen't have good internet speed and dropouts are a frequent and lenghthy occurrance. Also if it works in other Vm's and which one's.

Thank you