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RX 480 no chance to play normally

Question asked by phoenixkdi on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by taskforce131

If you do not help me solve the problem

I'll never buy your products in my life again

And everyone I know will not buy either.



In short, I bought a Rx480 video card from my hands. The warranty was over a month ago.

But that's not the point.



Under heavy load, the computer either turns off, or simply turns off the screen, the cooler accelerates, the system hangs.

On older drivers, it works more stable, with what it is connected, you better know.



All tests on the load the computer is passing quietly (Aida, FunMark, VideoMemoryTest)



1. I changed the thermal grease

2. Cleaned everything

3. Reinstalled the System

4. Reinstalled the driver

5. Changed memory slots in places

6. I bought a new power supply

7. I was in different 6 + 2 Pin

8. Disconnected all unnecessary load on the food

9. I updated bios for motherboard

10. I checked the bios of the video card



I spent dozens of hours and about 400 euros

Thank you AMD.