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Where are the Ryzen ultrabooks?

Question asked by dkasak on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by dkasak

The only Ryzen-based laptops I've seen retail in Australia have been cheap transplants of an AMD system into an existing Intel-based chassis ( and fairly bulky ones at that ). The max ram I've seen has been 8GB, and this is usually a single chip, soldered to the motherboard. I've been holding out for almost a year, hoping a reasonable AMD-based system would materialise around the Ryzen chip. What I call reasonable: ultrabook ( ie THIN ), 16GB, or at least the ability to upgrade to it ... touchscreen ( needed for live music ). That's it. Not too much to ask. There are SO many Intel-based systems I could pick up for under $1,000 that would do. Why are Ryzen-based systems so slow coming to market, and why are the only ones I'm seeing crippled in various ways ( in particular having a single 8GB stick in a system designed for dual-channel RAM )?