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    Profile keeps resetting with vega with wattman settings.


      Ever since I had my vega 56, making your own profile/settings even when just using the energy saving/balanced/turbo settings, doesn't matter it always keeps resetting to the default setting; balanced!
      I always have to check if wattman is still using the settings I picked, be it a personal saved profile or a standard setting like energy saving instead of balanced.
      Sure it can stay at the setting or my own made profile for lets say 3 days, but not that much longer!?
      And no it's not just me, this is just normal really.

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          I am on an RX 580 so I don't know what is different on that card. I can tell you on mine if the driver hangs and resets it always returns the drivers to default settings. So you might have that happening? About the only convenient thing I can do is save a profile that saves all my individual settings and reloads them after a crash although yes I have to manually reload that profile. It is only one profile then not many settings. I would guess yours has the profiles available too but I don't know. Hope that helps if not I'm sure someone else may chime in.

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            I am the same and its such a pain to have to load it on each reboot.
            Apparently you can turn off 'windows fast boot' and that fixes it but every windows update will turn back on.


            AMD come on as really we should have drivers and software that can be persistent across restarts!?

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              Fast startup has a lot to do with windows updates if windows updates keeps turning it back on on each update. (Many suggestions here are to turn off fast startup, but suggest try DDU)


              Anyway got it fixed and global profiles are working fine.
              Uninstall driver download win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.5.1-may23


              DDU Display Driver Uninstaller Download version


              Restart and instal above and hey presto.


              My 5% OC runs each time now.
              Its a Powercolor Vega Red Devil 56 that is actually stable at 10% but the fan noise is a bit too much even if it is still relatively cool.


              Not sure why profiles would always reset to balanced before, maybe the nvidia / previous gumf, hence DDU.

              4645 in Superposition 1080p extreme aint bad for a quiet OC that now stays on each reboot.