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    Profile keeps resetting with vega with wattman settings.


      Ever since I had my vega 56, making your own profile/settings even when just using the energy saving/balanced/turbo settings, doesn't matter it always keeps resetting to the default setting; balanced!
      I always have to check if wattman is still using the settings I picked, be it a personal saved profile or a standard setting like energy saving instead of balanced.
      Sure it can stay at the setting or my own made profile for lets say 3 days, but not that much longer!?
      And no it's not just me, this is just normal really.

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          I am on an RX 580 so I don't know what is different on that card. I can tell you on mine if the driver hangs and resets it always returns the drivers to default settings. So you might have that happening? About the only convenient thing I can do is save a profile that saves all my individual settings and reloads them after a crash although yes I have to manually reload that profile. It is only one profile then not many settings. I would guess yours has the profiles available too but I don't know. Hope that helps if not I'm sure someone else may chime in.