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    AMD StoreMI (Create non-bootable)



      Tengo un problema con StoreMi, no me deja crear una unidad non-bootable con datos. El sistema operativo lo tengo instalado en un ssd m.2 de 500gb. Ademas tengo un disco duro de 3tb partido en 3 unidades. Me gustaría mediante StoreMi y un SSD de 120gb acelerar una de esas particiones, pero no me deja la opción. ¿Que estoy haciendo mal?







      I have a problem with StoreMi, it does not let me create a non-bootable unit with data. I have the operating system installed in a ssd m.2 of 500gb. Also I have a 3tb hard drive split into 3 units. I would like to speed up one of those partitions using StoreMi and a 120gb SSD, but it does not leave me the option. What am I doing wrong?


      Thank you

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          Here is the link to AMD STOREMI User Guide: https://www.amd.com/system/files/2018-04/AMD-StoreMI-Users-Guide.pdf


          You must not have RAID active on your computer.


          STOREMI only works with a SSD and TWO DRIVES.


          From STOREMI User Guide link above:


          Check the following prior to upgrading your system to StoreMI:

          • Your system meets the minimum configuration: AMD socket AM4 processor and 4xx series motherboard with a minimum of 4G RAM (6G RAM to support RAM cache)

          . • Secure Boot is NOT enabled. Consult your system documentation for further details.

          • There are no SSD caching or AMD software RAID solutions installed

          • The BIOS SATA disk settings are set to AHCI, not RAID and there is no software RAID installed on the system.

          • Microsoft’s chkdisk or other third-party disk scan tools run error free on the boot drive

          • A new unused SSD or HDD is available

          • If wishing to use bootable tiers > 2TB in size, the system must be configured to boot in UEFI mode with a UEFI bootable Windows OS installation as Windows 10 does not support > 2TB boot drives in legacy boot mode.


          From AMD STOREMI FAQ: https://www.amd.com/system/files/2018-04/AMD-StoreMI-FAQ.pdf


          From above link at FAQ:


          How many drives does this work with?

          StoreMI for AMD socket AM4 processor works with 2 physical drives.