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Problem with running a program developed for NVidia on AMD GPU

Question asked by on Jul 17, 2018
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I have developed a prototype software for medical imaging application in C#. I have integrated Microsoft Volume Rendering SDK for direct volume rendering in my prototype. This SDK was developed by MS by targeting NVidia GPU. I have been working with this since last 4 years. Recently I bought the DELL laptop with Raedon GPU. Now I am porting my prototype to new laptop. Since for volume rendering, I used Microsoft framework which was developed for NVidia, now it doesn't work with AMD GPU and I am completely blocked from  my research. Could you please assist how to port this volume rendering from NVidia GPU to AMD based processor. Or else, is there any direct volume framework and dll support from AMD in C# so that I can use those libraries for volume rendering in my application by replacing existing framework. Your help is very much appreciated. I have lost several nights of sleep due to this problem.


- Manjunath, India