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Where can i find driver for hd 7500m/7600m on windows 10 64 bit

Question asked by shamratdewan on Jul 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by ethanweegee


I got vaio which had win 7 and AMD radeon hd 7500m/7600m as graphys card. after upgrading to win 10 my OS crash every time windows updates the graphics card, I cant even factory reset my laptop to go back to windows 7!!! now is there any way to update the driver as my laptop monitor brightness does not work its always full and any brightness button like in keybord of win property does not response at all.


If i keep the windows 10 update blocked then its ok except the brightness is always full, if i update windows then at the time it updated the grphyics card the OS will crash and there is no way to get it back unless i reinstall OS a fresh copy again.


What driver should i use so that the OS does not crash and i can control the monitor brightness.


Any suggestion will be appreciated.