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amdgpu 18.20-606296, ubuntu 18.04 blank screen on 4k

Question asked by limitingfactor on Jul 14, 2018

HW setup:   RX580, i7 4770, intel board h87rl.

SW setup:   Ubuntu 18.04, amdgpu pro 18.20-606296 driver.


Setup works perfectly fine with a NEC EA244WMi  (1980x1200 via HDMI).


On my AOC 3277  (4k via HDMI 2.0) I get a blank screen, allways.

The setup kind of works if I set 'nomodeset' and start X11 by hand. But when doing this, DRI won't function properly.

Looking at Xorg.0.log, the proper modes seem to be identified.

But dmesg.log shows this line:

     [drm] dce_get_required_clocks_state: clocks unsupported disp_clk 709776 pix_clk 533250


Modesetting / EDID problem?


Setup works on windows 10 with latest AMD driver. (and with a 950GTX with proprietary NV driver)

Tried a different HDMI cable, to no avail.