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WX 7100 underlocks

Question asked by joopselen on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2018 by n8mrogan

We've recently purchased several Dell Precision 7720 with AMD Pro WX 7100 gfx cards.

The computer work really wel with everything, however besides work me and some of my colleagues occasionally use the notebooks for gaming.


We all noticed the performance is really bad is every game. I found out that the core clock, and memory clock both stay at 300.

So far I've tried everything, from using the dell provided drivers to several versions of AMD, including the beta drivers to no avail.


The only thing that slightly increases performance is disabling the switchable graphics in the BIOS.


MSI doesn't allow me to change clocks, EnableULPS to 0. But that also doesn't change a thing.


Any other suggestions what we can do to get some decent performance in games? Its so weird that the core clock's aren't set higher when the GPU is at 100% load, 45 degrees temp with every power setting available set to high :/.