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AMD crash on every time i try to install it

Question asked by guimak on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by dir3tech

Hello first of all.


I'm having a problem in my girlfriends computer. It's a Toshiba P50-10-B. It as a Radeon R9 M265X.


It was working fine till the point it simply freezed the screen. Following that, everytime i tried to boot, it freezes with a blackscreen (black with no backlight). I formated and now i can't seem to install the drivers in any way. The only way to "unlock" the pc is to go safe mode and delete the AMD drivers. This is what i tried:


Windows Update - Freeze when installing, blackscreen when trying to boot.

Install manually - Same result

Install Intel Graphics first and then AMD - Same result

Install AMD first - Same result

Install previous windows 10 version - Same result

Install manually (INF) in device manager - Same result

Install manuallu (INF) in safe mode - I managed to do it without error, but when i restart normally same results.

Install older AMD drivers - Bluescreen or freeze in startup, and freeze while installing.

Deactivate Intel drivers when installing AMD - Same results

Updated BIOS - Same results


I don't know what to do anymore... any ideias? Or did the GPU just died.