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Firepro W4100 drops monitor(s)

Question asked by andersmogensen on Jul 13, 2018

We have 3 brand new Dell computers with AMD Firepro W4100 cards and 12 brand new Dell U2417H monitors. They are going to be used as clients for alarm handling software on a firestation. We have troubles connecting 4 monitors, we have tried:


4 Dell miniDP to HDMI adapters, HDMI cables (10m high quality with built in amplifier), sometimes all 4 monitors work, sometimes 2 or 3. Tried with different monitors, same results.


4 Dell miniDP to DP adapters, DP cables (7m high quality), 4 monitors worked for a day, with many start/shutdowns, suddenly only 3 monitors are working. Shutdown/start fixes the problem again. The monitors are all shown in device manager, but I cant extend the desktop to the 4 monitor.


I've tried with Windows 7 and Windows 10, and tried with all 3 computers (we are going to use Windows 10 in the end), different versions of AMD drivers/software. I'm going mad I dont know what to do anymore! Was the W4100 cards a wrong choice?


Google shows a lot with Eyefinity and DP to "other" adapters, but running DP all the way, should rule that out?


And at last, I've not yet tried running 2 or 3 DP cables and the daisychain the monitors, that must be the next step, but I thought the W4100 should be able to run 4 monitors with 4 DP cables.


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