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    wx3100 random black screen in use


      Hi there


      I just bought a new machine based on a gigabyte AB350M gaming Motherboard, Ryzen 7 processor, 16gb (2x8) DDr4 3200 ram and a Radeon wx3100 GPU. I work mainly on black magic resolve to backup, edit and deliver 4K and HD video footage on a W10 64 bit OS.

      the latests drivers has been uploaded and installed for the Wx3100.

      Since the first week of use I noticed some short (1s to 3 s) random black screen interruption on different monitors (asus pro art 1920/1200, Hd samsung or sony Tvs).

      It happens in a very random way, whether the card is very busy or on the opposite very cool...


      what is wrong?


      Francois, Paris

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          Hi Francois,


          1. Which Win 10 version do you have?
          2. Do you have the exact make and model of the monitors?
          3. Which resolution and refresh rate are you running on both monitors?
          4. How are you connecting the WX3100 to the monitors? Include cable and adpater types.
          5. Which driver version is installed, 18.Q2.1? 
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              here are the precisions:


              - W10 64 bits entreprise 2016


              -Asus PA246 pro art (1920/1200) , the other two monitors were HD TVs found in places where I was working , did not check the exact model.

              I also did a test on a LG 22mp58vq , same issue


              - I run at 60hz on my Asus main monitor , and on the LG. On the Samsung and Sony TV I did not check the rate, but i think it was the same


              - I used always the same 2m display port to hdmi cable (UGREEN Câble DisplayPort vers HDMI Résolution 4K Ultra HD Adaptateur DP vers HDMI 1080P Connecteus Plaqués Or pour HTC V… ) for every display . I tried briefly another DP to HDMI cable , same problem.


              -affirmative, 18Q2.1 is installed





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                  • OS: Win 10 64bit Ent.
                  • Monitor: ASUS PA246 Pro Art 1920x1200@60Hz
                  • Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350M, Ryzen 7, 16GB, DDR4 3200
                  • Graphics: Radeon Pro WX3100
                  • Driver: 18.Q2.1
                  • Monitor cable:  2m UGREEN DP-HDMI cable


                  1. What is your OS build?
                  2. How many monitors are connected to WX3100 at the same time?
                  3. Why are you using a DP-HDMI cable? Both the graphics card and the ASUS monitor have DP.
                  4. You don't seem to have a 4K monitor at all and yet try to edit and deliver 4K video footage?
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                      1/OS Build 14393.2363

                      2/ I always had only one monitor connected at the same time.

                      3/ I chose a dp hdmi because this was the common plug to the various

                      monitors I was expecting to use on the current project.

                      the main reason is that this light workstation is designed to be able to

                      travel and to work on location when shooting, connected to hotel room's

                      HDTV for ex.

                      4/ For the moment I dont have a 4k monitor, but I will get one (dell

                      up3216q)  for sure after editing, specially for timing and final delivery.

                      like most of the time, current post job is currently done in HD from 4K

                      original material. conformation in full res is done afterwards








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                      Re: wx3100 random black screen in use in Graphics


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                          Hi Francois,


                          I have both the WX4100 and WX3100. The WX 3100 have 1 display port  from the bottom (the PCI-E pcb connection) and 2 mini dp. Which one do you connect to? Try to switch connection between the standard display port and the next mini dp next to it. The reason being from my experience with the WX 4100. The WX 4100 has four mini dp connections and I ran dual displays. If I use the 2 farthest  mini dp (port 1, 2 ), my screen exhibits the similar issue and turns green before it displays the screen.  The same thing on power on of my system the monitor starts with green. Normally with other gpu like my Rx 470 and R260 it does it with blue. But if I use the 2 mini dp on the bottom (port 3, 4), I have no problem at all. I reported this to tech.support@amd.com and was recommended for RMA as the port are faulty. The replacement  did the same thing once in awhile so I just used the both mini dp 3 & 4. Quite an odd behavior.


                          A faulty dp to hdmi cable may also cause this as one of mine did.


                          Regards - Joseph

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                            Hi Francois,


                            Your Win 10 build is very old. MS offers meanwhile 1803. Do you have an option to update?

                            1607Current Branch for Business (CBB)11/29/201614393.2363


                            I would use a DP-DP cable to test the entire scenario.

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