Radeon Relive perpetual woes (w/ a temporary solution)

Discussion created by boghu on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2018 by wimpzilla

Relive is undoubtedly an essential Radeon card software for streamers and tutorial makers alike. But apparently, as I have experienced, the software is far from perfect. I've been using ATi/AMD cards for more than a decade and when Relive was released I installed it immediately for all of my PCs. It was running fine until you have to update your driver to tackle certain issues. However, since (when was it released?) November '16 (IIRC) updates break down Relive ALL THE TIME. It's almost 2 years now and it's not going anywhere. If you have just updated your driver, expect your Relive app to be broken. You have to use DDU (or any other cleaning tool) to wipe all conflicting data and fresh install your driver to get Relive to work properly. I think, for at least this winter there will be a strong urge for the devs to employ a new system that updates the driver cleanly, without any unneeded leftover data dumped into your system and updates that does not conflict with the previous version's data.