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    Can i use Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid on the wraith prism cooler?


      Wondering what the heatsink is made of (dont know if that is the name of the part that is placed on the cpu). will liquid metal damage the CPU or the cooler?

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          lonelyspartanx, I think I would not, based on what I have read here.  Seems to have to do with aluminum and liguid metal but do not know if it applies to your product.  Google knows a lot also.  I suggest you search this forum and the Internet for users opinions.  Enjoy, John.


          EDIT: Note on product's site:

                    "Note: Conductonaut thermal grease must not be used with aluminum heatsinks!"

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            If you use Liquid Metal Thermal Paste, it will react with the Aluminium and start causing microscopic Pitting of the Aluminium parts, eventually damaging the CPU/APU or CPU Cooler heatsink.


            Seems like most Wraithe CPU Cooler have Copper Metal Base plates. So, Liquid Metal wouldn't affect it except maybe giving it a permanent stain.


            Found from Reddit that you can use Liquid Metal on Ryzen CPU/APUs. It is possible that other Wraithe CPU Coolers might have Copper bases and not aluminium like the Stealth: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/8v03xf/ryzen_watercooling_and_liquid_metal/
            Copied from Reddit User Comment thread:

            13 days ago

            idk what everyone is saying of 1c or no difference. Ive used conductonaut with both my ryzen chips since shorty after launch. used kryonaut before that. I have a Custom loop in my system. I had seen temp drops of 3-5c at idle. basically just sitting at ambient when not doing anything. and around 8c off the load temps. the numbers get skewed once I started OC'ing my chip the only time I really seen them was when I first put in the stock chip under liquid metal for basic testing. and again after I RMA my chip for segfault. but im sure it still helps.

            I generally sit at 26c-28c depending on the day at idle. around 53c after playing games for a few hours. and around 63c if I tell handbrake to encode 1080 for 8-10 hours.

            But, to note. I used it on my chips and I will tell you now it basically ruins the IHS of your chip. staining it beyond almost any recognition. after pulling it for RMA I couldn't read any of the laser etched info on the IHS the production week the serial number. or even the model number. I was worried my RMA would be denied because of it. im sure they didn't care at that point as it went through fine. Ryzen 2000 series had just launched im sure they didn't care about me wanting a new first gen. just be aware for warranty claims, they don't say using liquid metal voids your warranty. they simply claim they have the right to refuse warranty if the IHS cannot be easily read.

            trying to rub the reside away does nothing. trying alcohol simply causes a weird reaction where your rubbing off black residue. but the IHS does not get any cleaner. it was a nightmare. at this point. I would consider using LM the AMD version of Delidding your chip, simply for the fact there is a chance your warranty will be voided.

            I would use it again and I have, especially on GPU dies. stuff works amazing there. also of note my blocks are nickel plated copper. the stuff wipes off with a paper towel. no sign of staining at all on them. odd considering technically the IHS should be the same as it is nickel plated copper.


            Also from Reddit concerning using Liquid Metal on Wrathe CPU Coolers: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/7t0wxa/is_amd_wraith_spire_an_aluminum_heat_sink/ .


            NOTE: From what I have read, Using Liquid Metal has little or any advantages over Thermal Paste except maybe if you are using it on a DELIDDED CPU/APU.


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              This has been my go-to image for several years to explain to people how little difference TIM makes. Don't change the stock TIM, and if you do, just pick up a cheap tube of Arctic Silver 5.


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