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High temps with 2700x

Question asked by rhinotv on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by creatie

Hello,  So i bought a kraken x62 and the temps were really high so returned it and got a new one. Got the new one today and installed it and again got high temps but something is really strange and i can't think of a fix.  So i just upgraded to a ryzen 7 2700x,asus x470-f mobo and 16gb of trident z 3600mhz ram. I also got a msi 970 and when i installed everything firstly, i got lower fps than before on my other parts (i7 4790k,16gb ddr4 ram, asus z-97k). So i was onto a friend and he just said your gpu is bottlenecking and i can understand that so thats not problem.  Now with the temps, they were very high on all coolers i tested. I used a nzxt kraken m22, kraken x62 and the stock cooler and all very high temps on idle (jumps from 40-70c). So now what i found out was if i changed my power plan in windows to 'power saver' it drops the temps and now while im typing this its at 37degrees celcius. I think this is good. However sometimes it just jumps to maybe 60 or lower and then slowly drops back down. This is all still when im on idle just browsing google or something. If i change to amd ryzen balance or recommended in that power plan the temps jump to aleast 50   .  So i think its because of the gpu but i dont know why this would change the cpu temps. I'm only new to building pc's so don't know a lot. Please help me down below. Was thinking of getting a new gpu, trying it out and then see if that fixes the problem.


So i put in my original build and got very cool temps (30c) so maybe I put my on my cooler wrong? Just a thought